Baiyun Single Mop Bucket Trolley 32L AF08080

Baiyun Single Mop Bucket Trolley 32L AF08080

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Color: Yellow
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Type:Mop Bucket Trolley

    Baiyun Single Mop Bucket Trolley is a cleaning tool used in various commercial and industrial settings. It's designed to make mopping tasks more efficient and less physically demanding for the user. The main component of the trolley is the mop bucket, which has a capacity of 32 liters. It is used to hold water or cleaning solutions for wetting and rinsing mops.

    The mop bucket usually comes with a built-in wringer or mop press, which allows the user to wring out excess water from the mop easily. This helps to control the moisture level on the mop, preventing floors from becoming too wet and aiding in faster drying. The bucket is mounted on a sturdy and wheeled frame, allowing the user to move the trolley around the cleaning area with ease. The wheels typically have a locking mechanism to keep the trolley stationary when needed.

    Baiyun Single Mop Bucket Trolley is ideal for smaller cleaning tasks or when a compact cleaning solution is needed. It's commonly used in restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, and other commercial environments.


    • 32 Litre bucket and wringer designed for use with Microfibre, Kentucky mops with ‘Caution Wet Floor’ on both sides.
    • Metal wire handle makes lifting and emptying, mobility, and extra storage easier.
    • 360-degree free rotation wheel, convenient for moving.
    • For hygienic and healthy cleaning of homes, offices, hospitals, and shops.
    • Strong and durable design
    • Strong wheels.

      Brand : Baiyun

      Item Name : Mop Bucket Trolley

      Model : AF08080

      Color : Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

      Capacity : 32L

      Quantity : 1 Pcs

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