Baiyun AFBY804 Automatic Hand Dryer White

Baiyun AFBY804 Automatic Hand Dryer - White

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Type:Automatic Hand Dryer

    Baiyun AFBY804 Automatic Hand Dryer is an electric device commonly found in public restrooms or commercial spaces. Its purpose is to quickly dry wet hands after washing, reducing the need for paper towels and promoting environmental sustainability.

    An automatic hand dryer usually consists of a sensor that detects when hands are placed in front of it. Once the sensor detects the presence of hands, the dryer's motor and heating element are activated, blowing warm air to dry the hands. The automatic feature ensures that the dryer only operates when needed, making it more energy-efficient compared to traditional hand dryers that run continuously.

    Overall, Baiyun AFBY804 Automatic Hand Dryer is a popular and hygienic option for hand drying in public facilities, promoting cleanliness and reducing waste. They are convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives to paper towels.

    • Exquisite workmanship, classic appearance.
    • Based on advanced infrared sensor technology for automatic operation, precise control, quick blowing and stable performance.
    • Quick heating without much cold air. High drying efficiency, convenient and efficient.
    • Made of high quality material for bright surface, easy to clean and wipe resistance.
    • Adopt international brand electronic components, safe and reliable, durable and longlasting.
    • Humanization quiet design, reduces noise pollution, cozy and easeful.
    • Flexible installation for strong compatibility. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, malls, office buildings, airports, KTVs, etc public restrooms or family bathrooms.

        Brand : Baiyun

        Item Name : Automatic Hand Dryer

        Model : AFBY804

        Color : White

        Material : ABS

        Voltage : 240V

        Frequency : 50/60 Hz

        Fusing Current : 7A

        Power : 1600W

        RPM : 2800r / min

        Sensing Distance : 0-15cm

        Time Delay : 2S

        Air Temparature : 90°C

        Net Weight : 2.1Kg

        Volume : 240 x 243 x 215mm

        Noise : 70 dB

        Protection Level : IP x 1

        Electric-shock Safeguard : II

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