Armstrong PEI Sledge Hammer With TPR Handle - 20 lb

Armstrong PEI Sledge Hammer With TPR Handle - 20 lb

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Collections:Armstrong Hand Tools
Type:Sledge Hammer

    Armstrong PEI Sledge Hammer With TPR Handle is a heavy-duty tool designed for demanding applications such as demolition, construction, and general striking tasks. It has a weight of 20 pounds (lb). This weight provides significant force when striking objects and is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. The head of the sledgehammer is typically made of forged steel, which ensures strength, durability, and the ability to withstand repeated impacts.

    The TPR handle is designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue during use. Sledge Hammer is designed with a long handle and a large striking surface on the head. This design allows for increased leverage and accuracy when striking objects.

    Armstrong PEI Sledge Hammer With TPR Handle is commonly used in various heavy-duty applications, such as breaking concrete, driving stakes, splitting logs, and other demanding tasks that require powerful strikes.

    • Anti-Slip & Anti-Shock TPR Handle
    • Comfortable grip
    • Reduce fatigue and enhance control during striking.
    • Used in construction, demolition, and other heavy-duty tasks

    Brand : Armstrong

    Type : Sledge Hammer

    Model : PEI

    Color : Yellow

    Weight : 20 lb

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