Armstrong DKC Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips

Armstrong DKC Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips

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Type:Pliers & Snips

    Armstrong DKC Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips are specialized cutting tools used in aviation and sheet metal work. They are designed to cut through various types of materials, including aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, and vinyl. It has a straight blade configuration, which allows for precise cutting along straight lines.

    The compound action mechanism multiplies the force applied to the handles, making it easier to cut through tough materials. This design feature is especially beneficial when working with thicker metals or when repetitive cutting is required.

    Armstrong DKC Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips are commonly used in aircraft maintenance and repair, as well as in other industries that involve sheet metal fabrication. They are designed to withstand heavy use and provide reliable cutting performance. The handles of snips are typically coated with non-slip material for better grip and control during cutting operations.

    • High leverage, compound cutting design 
    • Patented hinge plate for easy product function identification
    • Made from forged alloy steel for strength and durability
    • Permanent identification plate for the direction of cutting
    • Serrated cutting edges prevent slippage when cutting
    • Suitable for cutting aluminum, sheet UPVC, wire mesh, leather, copper, and plastic
    • Toothed blades favoring the holding of the sheet metal during cutting
    • Twin spiral spring for increased longevity



    Brand : Armstrong

    Type : Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips

    Model : DKC

    Color : Yellow & Black

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