Armstrong DAL Claw Hammer With Steel Tubular Handle - 16 oz

Armstrong DAL Claw Hammer With Steel Tubular Handle - 16 oz

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Collections:Armstrong Hand Tools
Type:Claw Hammer

    Armstrong DAL Claw Hammer With Steel Tubular Handle is a durable and versatile tool designed for various carpentry and construction tasks. The hammer weighs 16 ounces (or 1 pound), which is a standard weight for general-purpose claw hammers. The hammer features a claw on one side of the head, opposite the striking face.

    The claw is used for removing nails or prying apart materials. It has a curved shape that allows for efficient nail extraction. The head of the hammer is made of durable steel. The handle of the hammer is made of tubular steel. This type of handle provides a combination of strength and lightness, making it comfortable to hold and reducing fatigue during extended use. 

    The handle may have a rubberized or textured grip to enhance control and reduce slippage while using the hammer. This ensures a firm hold and improves safety. Armstrong DAL Claw Hammer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including driving and removing nails, prying, and general carpentry work. Its design makes it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

    • Fiberglass core adds strength and durability to the handle
    • Yellow-colored shaft for easy visibility
    • Exclusive rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling



    Brand : Armstrong

    Type : Claw Hammer With Steel Tubular Handle

    Model : DAL

    Color : Yellow & Black

    Weight : 16 OZ

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